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Ever felt a need to make a button on your website more than a call-to-action? When customers land on your website or app, they have a lot of questions. We know that you’ve the answers but are the customers able to see them?

Neither do you want to hide your comprehensive knowledge-base in a ‘Help & Support’ section nor do you wish to be limited by a widget that appears as a separate entity on your webpage.

What if we told you that ‘Help & Support’ section can stay within the web interface where the customers can summon the most relevant questions they have with a single-click? Sounds intriguing right?

Well…you’re in LUCK!

At Airim, we have been listening to your wishes as always. Now, you get an option to turn any custom button on your website into your ‘Help & Support’ section.

Make your knowledge-base more accessible:

A custom icon is not just a replacement of the widget option that customers saw before. When you have a custom icon to trigger your knowledge base, you can make the Call-To-Action (CTA) much more accessible to the users based on their context.

Embed AI into your interface:

Not every web interface is designed the same way. Your website/app design can already have enough CTAs than required. In order to subtly, let an icon do its job of recommending the best information suggestions to the customers,embedded on the bottom-right corner of your app. If you can assign

Adapt to your customers’ needs:

You are tracking the engagement capability of different call-to-action buttons on your web page yet you cannot change what one of them would do for your customer. This feature gives you more flexibility to adapt to the information needs of your customers with a plug-and-play solution. When you get the power to choose a custom button for Airim, you can use those insights to make changes based on customer heat maps.

Excited to control Airim’s behaviour using a custom link/button?

Here’s how you can go about it in two simple steps.


var button = document.getElementById(‘my-button-id’)

button.addEventListener(‘click’, function(){




  • Insert the button/CTA/Link that should trigger Airim on your website/app

Airim has always focused on bringing personalization to every element of accessing information. We strive towards helping you serve your customers’ information need in the most efficient ways. Check out other ways of customizing Airim based on your requirements.

Got any more ideas for us to implement? Hit us up in the comment section.

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