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Its the Fourth of July again. And like everytime, we’re sure that your plans of picnics, parties or fireworks would be in full swing. While you plan your holiday and celebrate the auspicious day at your favourite beach we have another good news for the digital side of your business.

Yes, your days of worrying about your digital experience are over. You might have heard the saying “True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right”. You know that providing your customers with instant information about your product and offerings is the right thing to do. But have you been able to find the right solution yet? We know that you’ve been looking for:

  1. A solution that can serve your online visitors  24/7 without you having to spend a bomb on a team of customer executives and worrying about different time zones.
  2. An AI-based tool that does NOT give out-of-sync responses like chatbots to give up eventually.
  3. A platform that can effortlessly help your customers to solve their queries and takes you closest to the “Voice of the Customer”

Okay! Enough build up now. Its time to introduce you to Airim, a one stop platform to ensure an awesome experience for your online customers. But wait…what does it mean?

It means that it is finally possible for you to delight your customers without integrating a gamut of tools and manually customising them. We have closely observed customer behaviour and found the most intuitive way to keep your customers well-informed while personalising their experience. Fortunately, it is a simple 3-step process

Step 1:

Guess your customers’ intent and show them relevant information.

Step 2:

Suggest targeted results based on customers’ search along with a logical Call-To-Action

Step 3:

Keep a track of user journeys in real-time


So, are you ready to finally give you and your customers freedom from an annoying experience?

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2 Replies to “Independence from an annoying experience!”

  1. Kavya says:

    Oh this is great! I have been looking for something like this. You’re doing nice work.

    • Tushar Tyagi says:

      Thanks Kavya, we really appreciate your feedback and are motivated to keep innovating business communication for our customers.

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