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We don’t generally like to brag but we have a news that is too good to hide. So, here it is: Airim has recently earned a top spot among top 15 customer software in the communications software category from the popular SaaS directory FinancesOnline. The review platform has already conducted analysis for over 5,000 software solutions where Airim was recognised as a winner of two prestigious awards:

Great User Experience:

The award recognizes our ease of use in effectively engaging with customers. Even website visitors greatly benefit with Airim, as they can quickly find the right content instantly via the Airim widget

Rising Star:

This award recognizes us as one of the best software on the market due to our increasing popularity and positive client feedback. More than effectively engaging and guiding website visitors, users are also equipped with market trend knowledge so they can discover and capitalize on great opportunities.

You’ve heard enough from us. Lets us read through what the expert reviewers at FinancesOnline have to say:

Airim is an effective customer communications and support application that can convert website visitors into customers through effective engagement. This is achieved through a proactive approach in engaging visitors at the optimal moment through delivery of targeted messages based on certain conditions. Users also benefit from smart FAQs and product suggestions coupled with a strong call to action” stated FinancesOnline.

The entire Airim overview, benefits, and other aspects can be found on FinancesOnline’s review.

We always appreciate a constructive feedback from SaaS industry experts. A positive feedback really motivates us further to keep up our innovative attitude and be the best in what we do.

Looking forward to more such accolades in future!

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